Johnny Kafta Anti- Vegetarian Orchestra CREP22


Vinyl debut by Lebanon's Johnny Kafta Anti Vegetarian Orchestra featuring members of Malayeen, Scrambled Eggs & A-Trio!

Initially a combination of two of Lebanon's most active and longest standing groups, JKAVO was founded when Scrambled Eggs (punk-rock band founded in 1998) & "A" Trio (free improv trio founded in 2002) joined forces and mixed styles to record "Beach Party at Mirna el-Chalouhi" in January 2009, combining each trio's distinctive sound to create something genuinely new, somewhere between punk and krautrock, free jazz and improvisation. Though self-released and self-distributed in a very special format on Al Maslakh sub-label Johnny Kafta’s Kids Menu, the CD received very positive feedback leading to several concerts in Lebanon under the band’s new identity.
On one occasion the band was joined by seminal American guitarist and composer Elliott Sharp, and in their European debut, they were augmented by Australian drummer Tony Buck.
In August 2012, the band finally recorded their new album, adding a strong element of composition to their usual improvisations, ranging from noisy ambient atmospheres to full energy free rock explosions. The four tracks on this album define the band’s new sound: more control that may allow more freedom.
All direct orders receive a digital download in your choice of format. This includes a bonus digital track (not on LP) ''BBQ at Karantina''. This is available once the physical records ship. You can also purchase the digital download separately.


  1. A1 - Feed the Hostage
  2. B1 - In Praise Of Habra
  3. A2 - Bedo's Lullaby
  4. Bonus Track - BBQ in Karantina

Pressing Information

Recorded August 2012 by Fadi Tabbal @ Tunefork Studios
Mixed by Fadi Tabbal @ Tunefork Studios
Release on 11th September 2015
Masterred by Harris Newman @ Grey Market Mastering
Pressed at Optimal, Germany