Gonzo - SE Asian Noise(s) (CS60) SUC01


Kicking off the brand new SUCATA TAPES label is Gonzo with a new volume of the never ending Noise(s) series. This time presenting his alternate and surreal perspective of sounds and sights from the South East Asian sub-continent.

Featuring recordings from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, SE Asian Noise(s) intersects randomly through AM/FM radio, field recs, in situ compositions and some re-interpreted recordings from Laurent Jeanneau's aka Kink Gong's massive archive of the region.

Not to be taken as a document or representation of a time and/or place but rather a personal diary full of vignettes distorted by time, memory and subjectivism.

Synths, sound generators. real and fake field recordings by Goncalo F. Cardoso
BRAO man on Side B recorded by Laurent Jeanneau (Kink Gong) in Cambodia
HMONG man on side B recorded by Condominas in Southern Vietnam
KHMU man on Side B recorded by Laurent Jeanneau (Kink Gong) in Laos

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  1. SE Asian Noises A
  2. SE Asian Noises B

Pressing Information

100 pro dubbed CS60 yellow tapes
Full colour J-Card