Hair & Treasure - Double Dragon (CS40) SUC03


Dread gulps and nonsensical ramblings from the Hair & Treasure unit.

Hot on the wheels of their gurgling split with Blood Stereo, Gonçalo F Cardoso and Alex Jones return to discrepant under the new Sucata Tapes banner. Joined by Kenny 'PL' Hosepipe on violin/effects - bringing the do-si-doe down your ramp.

High puking their way through the desolate western sky, cackling all night long on the little house in prairie’s back yard - there were no stars on this perimeter, everyone was happy.

Except Michael Landon.

Recorded and performed over a late summer afternoon at discrepant HQ…

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  1. A1 - Double Dragon
  2. B1 - Double Dragon

Pressing Information

CS40 white tape
Release date 5th May 2017
Cover taken from a drawing on a clinic's wall in Uganda