Porest - Flimsy Tomb (CS30) SUC06


Porest aka Mark Gergis comes to discrepant with a 'trapped in the box' experiment, featuring his non-nonsense radio collages, blurring the lines of reality with fact and evidence...

''When you’re allowed to walk away from captivity, there’s a fairly good chance you’ll return on your own accord.  A mini-album created from Porest’s Hanoi, Vietnam base for Dr Klangendum. Framed by a claustrophobic radio drama, and featuring a wide range of sound and music from the Porest archives as well as material recorded exclusively for this program. Big and small songs, tape collage, on-location radio recordings, horror and humor – tightly sunk into a 28-minute tomb.'' Mark Gergis

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Pressing Information

Recorded by Mark Gergis at all times, everywhere, including Hanoi, Vietnam until March, 2017
Erik Gergis • Electronics, percussion & voice -  No Recourse  • Keys -  Identity Event 1.1
Peter Conheim • Introduction -  Larry Burridge
Thank you: Lukas Simonis, Vicki Bennett, Hicham Chadly and Ayesha Keshani