Charbel Haber - Songs Of Love, Stories Of Decay (CS60) SUC05


Charbel Haber is back, this time on our ever imploding cassette imprint, Sucata Tapes.

Songs of Love, Songs of Decay is a mixtape of (sort of) songs raging from 1998 to 2016, with various projects, solo or not, including Scrambled Eggs or The Bunny Tylers (Charbel's bands) or guest appearances like in Oiseaux-Tempête.

The tracks give us an aperçu of Charbel's approach to composition over the years, a sampler of sorts, effortlessly switching from 90's alternative rock to electronic prepared guitar experiments whilst always keeping his middle eastern background in check!

60mins to get lost into!

Pressing Information

Pressed on shiny silver CS60
Artwork by Charbel Haber

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