Ross Alexander - Memorias Vol. I Bugandan Sacred Places (CS60) SUC07


Out on Sucata Tapes an african inspired new age tape from Ross Alexander featuring Albert Sempeke and the Nilotika collective.

Memorias Vol.1 - Bugandan Sacred Places is based on a series of recordings made by Ross Alexander in 2016 at sites of sacred importance to the Bugandan Kingdom and other associated clans. These recordings were combined with recorded sounds from urban Kampala, extracts from a recording session with musician Albert Sempeke and the sounds of a Nilotika Collective drum circle. Further notes and tones were added using the Yamaha DX7 and programmed FM synthesis.

With deepest thanks and praise to the people of Uganda, Albert, JaJa and the Nilotika collective, Arlen, Derek, Richie Tevin, Vincent the driving king, Nessim and the Nyege Nyege tribe! Love is peace, and freedom is harmony!

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  1. Jinja On The Nile
  2. Wood Of The Lusamba
  3. Mbale
  4. Fresh Ice Cream
  5. Albert Plays The Flute
  6. Binding The Arched Harp
  7. The Story Of Walumbe
  8. Boda Got No Radio

Pressing Information

100 pro duped CS60
Artwork by Ross Alexander
Release date: 29th September