Francesco Cavaliere - Gancio Cielo H024


What the heck is this?! If we use our eyes, we can definitely make out a record by Franceso Cavalieri called Ganco Cielo (Alla Ricerca Del Terzo Occhio Di Tartaruga). But, if we use our ears, it’s quite possible to decode a transmission from dimensions parallel to our own, although comprehending their glyphic form is a whole other matter.

We’ll leave you slightly wiser with Hundebiss’ own description but you’re strongly adivsed to cop this blind for optimal unpredictability, especially if you like whacked out Italian library records!

“Gancio Cielo is the first full length of Francesco Cavaliere, an artist we had the pleasure to introduce to the public some years ago with a legendary tape called “Neverending Somersault”. After years of live performing and an intense studio work, Francesco developed a unique style using his voice as main source of sounds and an incredible archive of home made sound FX.

Gancio Cielo is a magical space standing on its own, where a fantastic night-time story combined with exotic electronic music, is narrated, unfolding from an imaginary universe in which alchemy and science fiction come together. Cavaliere has developed a veritable dictionary to catalogue the strange beings that inhabit this universe, undefined by reference points: hybrids of objects, minerals, animals, plants, planets, trails, cosmic objects and physical and perceptual phenomena.”