Panchasila - Panchasila (CS40) SUC15


Welcome Panchasila, the 3rd entry on our South American tape extravaganza for Sucata Tapes.

Panchasila are the duo of Juan Jose Calarco and Guillermo M. Cerredo (M3Y, VLUBÄ) from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They started playing together with Panchasila around 2012 and define their sound as a mix of Dub music techniques applied to Cumbia and other South American rhythms. On this self titled debut tape they took inspiration from Bollywood, Thai films and Indonesian music to create an unique melting pot of genres and styles defying categorisation.

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  1. A1. Canción de la Emperatriz
  2. A2. Patpong
  3. A3. Yuyai 1
  4. A4. Runapayka
  5. A5. Dalang
  6. B1. Sembiyan
  7. B2. Yuyai 2
  8. B3. Estero
  9. B4. Salt

Pressing Information

150 tapes J-Card pro-duped
All tapes come with digital download versions
Release date: 24th August 2018