Bardo Todol, M.M. Perez y Úgjü Sectas - Adzer (CS40) SUC16


More (weird) South American tape freak out(!) sounds on the Super Triple Split "Adzer". Combining the sounds of Bardo Todol, M.M. Peres and Úgjü Sectas.

You will experience the distant sounds of the three different Argentinian projects melted together in one alzeimer night.

You are going to dance, you are going to have fear, you are going to explore the blue and white and purple oceans of inner voices that every little god has in nature and spirit.

You are going to sit down into Bardo Todol’s quiet forest of field recordings, acoustic instruments and melted ice-cream.

You are going to dive into the deep ocean of M. M. Peres trance emissions when your compass strategies and methods are lost.

You are going to meet the flash speed monk in Úgjü Sectas cave and enjoy his multiple octopus’ dance at dusk.


  1. A1 - El alfabeto cartílago
  2. A2 - Soldado de Cremma Rubio Claro Claro Ceniza
  3. A3 - Semen de Pájaro
  4. B1 - Caravania Maegenta
  5. B2 - Semen de Mariposa
  6. B3 - El Gran Vultan (aka Aster Diablo)

Pressing Information

150 tapes J-Card pro-duped
All tapes come with digital download versions
Release date: 24th August 2018