Aman!!! - Aman!!! (CS44) SUC18


Aman!!! is a newly formed project by Tasos Stamou (Greek bouzouki & Turkish saz) and Thodoris Ziarkas (blues guitar).

The duo explores the borders of improvisation in the context of traditional music, especially focused in the musical heritage of Greek Rebetiko and other styles of the South East Mediterranean. The project reflects reflects both musicians' interest about reinterpreting traditional music in a contemporary, non sterilized form whilst dealing with music tradition in their very own special way; abstract prepared-strings improvisations blend back-and-forth with original old songs of '30s and '40s phonography.

Thodoris Ziarkas: Blues guitar
Tasos Stamou: Bouzouki & tambouras, vocals

Tracks A 1,2,3 and B 3 recorded at the Owl home studio, London, 2016-2017
Tracks B 2,3 recorded live during performance at the Clapton Sessions, London, April 2nd 2017.


  1. Train to Istanbul
  2. Improv#1
  3. Atsiggana
  4. Athens by Night
  5. Improv#2
  6. Zoula se mia varka

Pressing Information

Release date: 19th October 2018
Pro-duped cassettes
150 copies only, no repress

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